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November 14, 2016

A New and Improved Santa: Close Reading & and Summarizing

Do I have a treasure for you! This book is going to become a new favorite for you! I just know it!
Christmas Literacy Freebies from Teacher to the Core- A New and Improved Santa is a great book for Close Reading and  Summarizing (2)
Santa thinks he is old fashioned.
But what happens when Santa makes BIG changes?

Christmas Literacy Freebies from Teacher to the Core- A New and Improved Santa is a great book for Close reading and  Summarizing

Christmas Literacy Freebies from Teacher to the Core- A New and Improved Santa is a great book for Close reading and  Summarizing (3)
That’s right! It’s Mrs. Claus to the rescue.
This book is a delight. It’s a month by month story where Santa makes a major change each month.  Then when it all falls apart, Mrs. Claus only has 1 month to fix it. It’s the perfect book for a Close Reading activity and Summarizing.
Here is the Close Reading Page
And here is the Summarizing
Teaching 1st graders to summarize vs retell can be hard.
Enter the "Somebody-Wanted-But-So" Strategy. This strategy works well with anybook that has a problem and solution.

This book's summary might sound like this:  Santa wanted to chnge everything about himself, but nobody liked it so he changed everything back.
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September 14, 2016

Picture Day Book and Freebie

The Magic Poof- The best picture for picture day and a freebie from Teacher to the Core
To grab this freebie click {here}

This is how I made the craft.
The Magic Poof- The BEST picture for picture day and a freebie from Teacher to the Core (2)
Easy Peasy!
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To buy the book click {here} or click the picture below. 

To read other AMAZING blog posts about Books Teachers Love click on the links below and enter our giveaway! Enjoy!

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August 14, 2016

Math Game Freebie

I like to get up and move around during the day. Don’t you? Can you imagine a 7 hour staff meeting with only a few breaks? We would DIE.  Our students probably feel the EXACT same way.  Enter some math in motion games! I teamed up with my friend Joyce at Sit Spots and we came up with some fun games to play during centers!

Free Math Game from Teacher to the Core-You are going to love this

I explained how we play “Counting On Hopscotch” here in a you tube video!!!

Hopscotch counting on freebie

I am excited to offer you a hundred and 120 chart to help your students with their counting on endeavors!

Hopscotch counting on freebie game

This is seriously fun!  You do need to teach the kids to whisper if you don’t have a high tolerance for noise and happy kid sounds such as giggling or high fives. To me it’s worth it.


Counting On free math game and hundreds chart

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Enjoy my sweet friends!

July 5, 2016

Summertime Teacher Happiness

Christmas in July
It is summertime and this sister is LOVE-ING the pool ! The lazy days of summer of have arrived in my home and it is good!

Speaking of good I have a few sweet summer treats for you! A freebie, some summer love and a SALE!
Freebie Ad
Simply click {here} and grab this freebie from the preview.
Look at how darling this is !!!!!  Grab it {here} from Frosted Events. I love this blog and her printables!!!! I am printing mine today and framing it. It will be a reminder to slow down, savor, love on my boys and make drinks with small umbrellas!!!
OK my third surprise is that my store is on sale! Yes it is, so get in there and have fun, fill up your cart, and check out with HUGE savings!

Now, another surprise ... TpT gift cards and freebies from all my friends below!!!! So awesome!
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May 14, 2016

Stepping up classroom literacy with close reading and personal response using the book A Color of His Own

I am delighted to announce another close reading freebie! This goes with the book A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni.  I am obsessed with Close Reading and the real results it’s bringing to my student’s literacy. Since delving into close reading I have made these few changes that have yielded HUGE results.
  1. When I choose a book I try to think of a right there question/ statement that can be answered/proved by the text or pictures. I write this question on a 3x5 card and tape it inside the book for future use.  If you remember my post on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then you remember my question was, “How do we know the caterpillar is very hungry?”
  2. Mark student evidence or thinking with a Post-It note.
  3. Remind kids that when they mark a picture for the evidence that they are making an inference and good readers read the pictures and make inferences. 
  4. Point out and ask kids questions about awesome text features such as the author’s use of bold words, capitalized words, repeated phrases, and ellipses (…). I have begun making a BIG deal out of text features and how authors are so talented. You know what started to happen? The students began using these text features in their own writing! When a child can internalize a piece of literature and the take on an author’s spirit of story telling, that is literacy at its finest! 
  5. Try to help the kids connect to the story in a real way. Ask connecting questions like, “If you wanted to find a friend, like our chameleon found his friend, where could you look on our playground?
  1. Kids love to interact, so let them interact with a paper passage by using highlighters or crayons.
  2. Underline key points, main idea, or evidence
  3. Circle words that are unknown and allow time for tables to work together to fill each others comprehension gaps
  4. Let them write ideas in the margins
  5. Always always always allow them and ask them to connect. They can do this by finding similarities and differences or answering an “If it was you____” kind of question. For example,  “If you were the very hungry caterpillar, what would you want to eat?” Or “If you were the chameleon, what color would you want to be? Why? What could you stand on it you wanted to be that color?”
Blog post all about classroom literacy, close reading, and writing- using the book A Color of His Own and tons of freebies
Grab these freebies and up  your classroom literacy with close reading- use the book A Color of His Own and these freebies
If you would like to find the paints I used, just head to Walmart. They are by Sargent and are only carried in store. Its is $2.97 for the set of 6.  When the containers are empty just refill. The containers alone are worth the money to me! They are bound together, and I actually like them better when they are half full because the q-tips can stand up inside without getting too much paint on them.
Close reading is a real joy! This one in particular is fabulous because I have also included writing and art. I chose to print the chameleon on Astrobrights Lemon Yellow paper because I wanted the paper to pop on my walls. I want to line the hallway with these so the kids can read them.  I NEEDED colored paper to pop off beige walls and draw them in.  Don’t you think the kids will become better friends when they read all about what other kids want and expect from them?  I think so too. 
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Close reading art and writing freebies for the book A Color Of His Own

Are you ready to download this goodness or what !?! I’m dying to know what you think, so be SURE to leave your feedback on TpT. 

You can also hop through the posts below to find other great ideas for other Books that Teachers Love! Plus you can win your choice of 4 books from the graphic below!

April 14, 2016

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Listen and Respond- Close Reading

Hello friends! I love the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar ! Don’t you? I mean how many copies do you have? I THINK I have 3 copies and the plush reading buddies to match. I wanted to offer you a fun little activity to do with this book.   I have included the video link too because my students love to watch the magic of You Tube!

Click the picture above to be linked to YouTube or click {here}.
I am loving that the Common Core focuses on close reading! But Close Reading can be confusing for many teachers and kids! Just remember the kids annotate by circling confusing words and underlining main ideas or important plot parts(literature). Have kids work with their table group to help each other on the confusing words. As a first grade teacher I remind them to connect to the text and ask questions.  I also ask text dependent questions that require evidence.  Now close reading can be far more complicated and in depth for older grades, but we teach littles. So let’s not be so complicated that we end up skipping the whole thing due to PTSD.

When you are close reading a book that you are reading out loud  it can be  little tougher, since the kids can’t all come up and write on your book. I suggest using post it notes so that you can mark their thinking. Plus, I created a“Very Hungry Close Read” so that my students could practice underlining the main idea/ important plot points since they cannot underline on the book.  I hope that this little page benefits your kiddos, and that they can find some added depth in this classic story! Here is how I do it.

Free close reading tips and book companion for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Enjoy my dear ones!

Free- Close Reading of Very Hungry Caterpillar Freebie
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April 13, 2016

#happyclassrooms recap

I wanted to make today about you.  A key part of having a #happyclassroom is having a healthy teacher. That's your body, mind, and soul.  I want to encourage you to take care of your sweet self. I want you to plan something this week that is just for you. I want you to play. I want you to give yourself permission to laugh, smile, cry, and let go.  I want you to be wild and free and gentle with yourself!  Remember you can cannot fill others with an empty cup.

These next few pictures are for you!

credit: Your Beautiful Life

Credit: Buddah Heart

I want to say 3 words to you from the bottom of my heart!

You are enough.
You are valuable.
You are loved, cared for, seen, and precious.
You are reason enough to run into a burning building.
Just ask a fireman.
You are enough.
Hug yourself and kiss your beautiful brain. 
Get a good night's sleep and let's go create some #happyclassrooms this week. 

In case you have missed any part of this #happyclassrooms mini-series, here are links below. Just click any picture. Until we meet again, happy teaching!


April 12, 2016

#happyclassrooms {Part 3- Getting students to complete their work without nagging them}

Help your students to finish their work

Work completion is no small task. In kinder and first grade kids constantly ask do I have to ____________? Yes, little one you do, and you need to finish quickly so that the class can move on to our next BIG awesome learning.

I wrote a HUGE post about helping kids to finish {here}.

A few of my loves have a hard time getting done in a timely manner and I have found that this little paper really helps.  Not all of my students use these at this point in the year, but the few who still do really enjoy getting a heart or stamp over each kid. Then, once the paper is full I shout them out at the end of the school day. They often get a skittle too as a reminder that life offers sweet rewards to those who work hard and complete tasks. Grab this freebie by clicking the picture below.

Sweet teachers, please remember you are the thermostat to happiness in your classroom.  We all want #happyclassrooms.  You can do this. Get those kids to scamper toward what you want by shouting out the greatness you see in them and others! Have a fabulous day and enjoy the freebies!

April 11, 2016

#happyclassrooms {Part 2 Helping your students get done with their sight words}

This is part 2 of my little mini series on the #happyclassroom movement. We are tackling the issues that pop up and might make us feel stressed out and consequently might make us grouchy.  A grouchy teacher does not equal a #happyclassroom.  Yesterday we tackled really messy printing. Today we are going to get the kids hungry to get those sight words done.  Nothing is more heartbreaking, annoying, or frustrating than kids and families picking daisies on their way to the finish line. We are going to get them running to the finish line with a smile on their faces!!!

Get those sight word lists done

 Today’s shout out encourages those kids who are making baby steps and those who are finishing their grade level words.  Sight words are a major focus in grades K-2 and with good reason!

“Knowing a few words in a new book provides confidence for an early reader. If a child sees a few words in a new book that he/she is certain of, the task of reading seems easier. When an emergent reader is reading a new book and pointing to each word, sight words that he knows provide a base for making sense of the text”

We knew this already, but sometimes the parents are unclear what all the fuss is about. so Here is a little parent note for you you to send home too.

sight words

Grab your freebie by clicking the picture below.

Freebie- unlock the magic sight words
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Just Tuning In? These are the days in the series. Click older or newer posts to see these topics below
Part 1- Poor printing and lack of desire to print so others can read it.
Part 2 - Slow to finish sight words lists
Part 3 - Not completing work nor caring about completing work

April 10, 2016

#happyclassrooms {Part 1- Get neat printing from your students without nagging}

I want to talk about the #happyclassroom movement today. As the teacher, you are the thermostat of happiness in the room. The number 1 way to have a #happyclassroom is to have a positive teacher.   I didn’t say “happy” teacher because “happy” is a fleeting feeling, and let me tell you lots of REAL non-sense can squash teacher happiness. So we have got to CHOOSE to take a positive path when dealing with some of kid stuff that pops up and causes negativity in our rooms.  In this little 3 part mini-series we are going to tackle these awesome topics over the next 3 days!

Part 1- Poor printing and lack of desire to print so others can read it.
Part 2 - Slow to finish sight words lists
Part 3 - Not completing work nor caring about completing work

Today we are talking about not so fabulous printing.  Everything about a kindergartener is developing at light speed. They grow like weeds and their brains are like sponges. But sometimes that fine motor is slow to develop. Even slower is the DESIRE to print neatly! We are going to cultivate a desire to print neatly with a cute little shout out
Get your kiddos to print like princes and princesses

Here is how I use the shout outs in my classroom.

This short little shout out at the end of my day is how I get big, positive results in my classroom!
Big hugs and kisses to you all. Keep up the great work and keep that classroom happy by choosing to be positive even in face of negative behaviors.
Grab your shout out by clicking the image below.

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